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Wakodo Decaffeinated Milk Tea

Wakodo Decaffeinated Milk Tea

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A caffeine-less* milk tea with plenty of milk and sweetness. It has a rich aroma of black tea and a mellow taste using creaming powder containing cream from Hokkaido. Stick type that you can easily enjoy one cup at a time.
* Milk tea with over 90% caffeine cut. ("Japanese Food Standard Composition Tables 2015" black tea infusion ratio)

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sugar, creaming powder, dextrin, black tea extract powder, salt, protein-concentrated whey powder, processed dairy product, yeast extract powder, pH adjuster, coloring (caramel, red beet), emulsifier, casein Na, calcium carbonate, thickener. agent (CMC), fragrance, seasoning (nucleic acid, etc.)

Contains: Milk ingredients

Nutritional Value

Per Serving (12g)
Calories: 55kcal
Protein: 0.25g
Fat: 1.8g
Carbohydrates: 9.4g
Salt: 0.13g
Calcium: 26mg
Caffeine: 0~2mg

Country of Origin


More Info

Per Serving (1 Stick)
1) Pull the edge at the dotted line of the stick, and pour it in a cup/glass.
2) Pour hot/cold water (about 120ML) and stir it well
You can also enjoy it with milk or soy milk

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