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Sakao Hojicha + Genmaicha Green Tea (50G)

Sakao Hojicha + Genmaicha Green Tea (50G)

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In this tea, the green tea leaves are roasted at high temperature and then combined with grains of roasted rice. The mixture of roasted tea leaves and roasted rice gives this tea sweetness and a very refreshing aroma. It is low in caffeine and a perfect beverage during meals and in the evening.

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Green Tea, Roasted Rice

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Brewing Instruction:
1) Put 2 teaspoons (about 5g) tea in a teapot.

2) Pour hot water of 85 degrees (180ml) in the teapot and let steep for 30 seconds.

3) Pour the tea little by little while alternating between cups so that the tea is equally distributed and its density is equal in each cup.

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