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Sakao Gyokuro Green Tea (50G)

Sakao Gyokuro Green Tea (50G)

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This high quality green tea from Kyoto is very sweet and has hardly any astringency thanks to the special way in which it is cultivated and picked. Twenty days before the tea is picked, the trees are covered to protect them from direct sunlight. This shading process limits the transformation of the theanine in the tea leaves into catechin and produces Gyokuro’s characteristic sweetness and umami flavour.

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Green Tea

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Brewing Instruction:
1) Put 2 teaspoons (about 5g) of tea in a teapot.

2) Pour boiling water in a cup so that it cools more quickly and wait 1.5-2 minutes until its temperature drops to 60 degrees.

3) Pour water into a teapot and let it infuse for 1.5 minutes.

4) Pour the tea little by little while alternating between cups so that the tea is equally distributed and its density is equal in each cup.

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