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Ryukakusan Direct Stick Peach (67G)

Ryukakusan Direct Stick Peach (67G)

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A granule-type crude drug preparation that can be taken anytime, anywhere without water. For hoarseness and throat discomfort due to cough, phlegm, and throat inflammation.


  • Can be taken anytime, anywhere without water.
  • The finely powdered herbal ingredients act directly on the mucous membrane of the throat, and are effective for coughing, phlegm, and hoarseness and discomfort caused by inflammation of the throat.
  • Contains no sleepy ingredients.


Phlegm, cough, hoarseness, sore throat, and throat discomfort due to inflammation of the throat

Dosage Table*:

 Age 1 Dose No. of Doses per Day
Adult (15 years old and over) 1 Packet 6 Times
11 to 15 Years old
2/3 Packet
6 Times
7 to 11 Years Old
1/2 Packet
6 Times
3 to 7 Years Old 1/3 Packet 6 Times
Under 3 Years Old Do Not Take

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Quantity 6 packs (4.2g, daily dose for adults)
Bellflower Powder (84.0mg), Kyonin (15.0mg), Senega Powder (4.2mg), Glycyrrhiza Powder (102,0mg), Carrot Powder (84.0mg), Powdered Asenyak (8.4mg)

Additives: potato starch, magnesium aluminometasilicate, erythritol, sodium fumarate, ℓ-menthol, fragrance, red No. 102

Nutritional Value

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More Info

1) Take it in your mouth and allow it to dissolve slowly without chewing.
2) Take at least 2 hours between doses.

Note: Please refer to the dosage table (*) in the description

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