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Pokka Sapporo Pumpkin Squash Cream Soup (63.6G)

Pokka Sapporo Pumpkin Squash Cream Soup (63.6G)

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A rich and creamy pumpkin cream potage with plenty of pumpkin. With its warm sweetness and warm mouthfeel, you can enjoy the full flavor of the ingredients. The secret to its richness is the special vegetable bouillon that also uses onions and cabbage cores
*Amount per serving: Cream 0.26g

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Pumpkin powder (manufactured in New Zealand), whey powder, lactose, sugar, potato powder, processed cream products (vegetable oil, cream, lactose, milk protein, etc.), salt, cheese powder, powdered edible oil, vegetable bouillon, chicken bouillon, mirepoix Powder, yeast powder, Ukimi (dried parsley)/thickener (processed starch, guar gum), cellulose, coloring agent (carotenoid), seasoning (monosodium glutamate, etc.)

Contains: Wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans, and chicken

Nutritional Value

Per Serving (21.2g)
Calories: 84kcal
Protein: 1.2g
Fat: 1.4g
Carbohydrates: 16.8g
Salt Equivalent: 0.9g
Potassium: 157.0mg
Rin: 47.0mg

Country of Origin


More Info

Cooking Direction Per Serving
1) Pour 1 packet in to a cup and pour 150ML of hot water into the cup.
2) Stir it for 10 seconds or more.
3) It will be ready in 1 minute.

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