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Nitto Oriens Tea Anthology

Nitto Oriens Tea Anthology

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3 bags of "Oriental Queen", 3 bags of "Earl Gray Awakening", 2 bags of "Earl Gray Peach Garden", 2 bags of "Darjeeling Splendor".
Variety pack with all types of series.

  • 10 triangular mesh tea bags
  • Aluminum sealed individual packaging


[Oriental Queen]
Black Tea (India), Rose Red Petal / Fragrance
[Earl Gray Awakening]
Black Tea (India, Sri Lanka), Orange Peel (Orange Peel) / Fragrance
[Earl Gray Peach Garden]
Black Tea (India), Dried salted cherry blossoms/fragrance, pH adjuster
[Darjeeling Splendor]
Black tea (India)

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Per Packet
1) Pour boiling 150ML of hot water
2) Steaming time is about 2 and a half minutes

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