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Nissin Raoh Miso Ramen

Nissin Raoh Miso Ramen

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Crisp texture, firmness, and springy texture! Brings you back.

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Noodles (wheat flour (produced in Japan), salt, vegetable oil, chicken seasoning), soup (miso, pork extract, soy sauce, lard, flavored oil, salt, sugar, spices, vegetable oil, yeast extract, soybean dietary fiber) / Modified starch, seasonings (monosodium glutamate, etc.), lye water, calcium phosphate, caramel pigment, antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E), carotenoid pigment, fragrance, spice extract, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, emulsifier

Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, sesame, soybeans, chicken, and pork

Nutritional Value

Per Serving (99G)
Calories: 328kcal
Protein: 8.8g
Fat: 4.7g
Carbohydrates: 62.7g
Salt Equivalent: 5.7g
Vitamin B1: 0.15mg
Vitamin B2: 0.19mg
Calcium: 137mg

Country of Origin


More Info

1) Add noodles into 450ML of boiling water. Cook for 4 minutes.
2) Add soup base into a bowl.
3) Once the noodles are loosened, add only the hot water from the pot first into the bowl and mix the
soup well.
4) Lasty, add the cooked noodles into the bowl
containing the soup base and mix it well.

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