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Nichirei Imagawayaki Cream Cheese (315G)

Nichirei Imagawayaki Cream Cheese (315G)

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Imagawayaki has a sweet honey that goes well with salty cream cheese is put in the dough.


Pastry (wheat flour (produced in Japan), egg, vegetable oil, sugars (sugar, fructose), powdered oil, honey, salt), cheese, sugar, fresh cream, whole milk powder, egg, lemon juice/thickener (modified starch) , baking powder, emulsifier, casein Na, fragrance.

Contains: Wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans

Nutritional Value

Per Serving (63g):
Calories: 153kcal
Protein: 3.1g
Fat: 6.2g
Carbohydrates: 21.1g
Salt Equivalent: 0.5g
Potassium: 55.0mg
Rin: 58.0mg

Country of Origin

More Info

Preparation Suggestion:
[Microwave Method]
1) Place the frozen product on a plate.
2) Please warm without wrapping.
1 Piece 2 Pieces
500W: 30 Sec 50 Sec
600W: 30 Sec 40 Sec

*Since the bag is made of aluminum, there is a risk of ignition if the bag is heated in the microwave.
*Do not use the "automatic" button.
If it is too hot, the cream will get hot and may burn.
We recommend cooking at 500W or 600W to prevent uneven heating.
*This product is heated from the inside, so it's ready even if the pastry doesn't get hot.

[Oven Method]
1) Heat up the oven.
2) Arrange the naturally thawed products on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil (replace the aluminum foil each time).
3) Heat it up. For 1 to 3 pieces about 2 minutes

*Cooking time varies slightly depending on the model.
*If you use a toaster oven with a strong top heat, cover it with aluminum foil when it starts to burn, and increase the cooking time.
*Overheating can cause poor cooking.

[Thawing Method]
After thawing naturally, please eat as it is.
Room temperature about 20°C: about 1 hour 20 minutes

Please eat as soon as possible after thawing.
Thawing in the refrigerator may dry out the skin.

[For a crispy texture]
After cooking in the microwave or defrosting naturally, heat in the oven toaster.
1 to 3 pieces: + about 2 minutes

Note: Cooking time varies slightly depending on the model.

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