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Myojo Ippeichan Yakisoba (134G)

Myojo Ippeichan Yakisoba (134G)

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Origin regression! Delicious iron plate! The sauce kneaded noodles have 1.3 times the amount of sauce kneaded into the current product. We have further refined the fragrant aroma and taste of grilled on an iron plate.

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Fried noodles (wheat flour (produce in Japan), vegetable oil, salt, sauce, sugar), sauce (sauce, mustard mayonnaise, sugar, flavor oil, vegetable oil, salt, protein hydrolyzate, processed sauce, flavor seasoning , pork extract, spices, brewed vinegar), kayaku (cabbage), furikake (mayonnaise-style sauce flakes, spices, sea lettuce, red ginger, flavor seasonings) / caramel pigment, seasonings (monosodium glutamate, etc.), calcium carbonate, salt water, acidity ingredients, emulsifiers, flavorings, spice extracts, antioxidants (vitamin E), magnesium carbonate, carotenoid pigments, vitamin B2, vitamin B1

Contains: Wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans, shrimp, pork, orange, apple

Nutritional Value

Per Serving (135G):
Calories: 612kcal
Protein: 11.7g
Fat: 28.6g
Carbohydrate: 77.0g
Salt Equivalent: 4.8g
Vitamin B1: 0.34mg
Vitamin B2: 0.34mg
Calcium: 153mg

Country of Origin


More Info

Cooking Direction Per Serving:
1) Peel of the lid from (1) to (2), take out the liquid sauce, mayonnaise, and furikake sauce from the bowl, pour boiling water up to the inner line and put the lid on.
2) After 3 minutes, peel off the hot water drain (3) int the direction of the arrow.
3) Hold the cup firmly and bent it slowly to discard the hot water from the hot water drain
4) Peel off all the lids, pour the liquid sauce and mayonnaise over and mix it well, and sprinkle with the furikake.

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