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Momoya Zasai Pickle Vegetable (145G)

Momoya Zasai Pickle Vegetable (145G)

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Zasai is produced by air-drying and packed in jars for about a year with more than 10 kinds of spices adhere to szechuan zasai. It is seasoned  with sesame oil and soy sauce so that it can be easily used as a side dish or appetizer with rice, or as an ingredient for cooking.

The mustard head is air-dried to bring out its unique texture and flavor, then pickled in salt for lactic acid fermentation. Next, it is sprinkled with more than 10 kinds of spices that are also used in Chinese herbal medicine, packed tightly in a jar, and left to ferment and mature for about a year.

It can be used as a topping for steamed rice, porridge etc., or as a seasoning and ingredient for dishes like stir-fry, soup and fried rice.


Greens, soy sauce (contains wheat and soybeans), sesame oil, sugar, yeast extract, onion powder/seasoning (monosodium glutamate, etc.), acidulant

Contains: Wheat, soybean, sesame

Nutritional Value

Per Serving (100g)
Calories: 50kcal
Protein: 2.1g
Fat: 2.2g
Carbohydrates: 7.8g
Sugar: 3.1g
Dietary Fiber: 4.7g
Salt Equivalent: 6.6g

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