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Mameki Kokusan Hikiwari Natto (2 Pieces/80G)

Mameki Kokusan Hikiwari Natto (2 Pieces/80G)

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  • Uses 100% Japanese soybeans 
  • Uses Non-GMO Soybeans Natto
  • Sauce and Mustard are provided


[Natto] Whole soybeans (domestic) (not genetically modified), Bacillus natto
[Sauce] Sugar, protein hydrolyzate (contains soybeans), soy sauce (contains wheat), salt, dried bonito stock, fermented seasoning liquid, kelp stock, yeast extract/seasoning (monosodium glutamate, etc.),
[Mustard] Mustard, salt/acidulant, alcohol, coloring (turmeric), vitamin C, polysaccharide thickener

Contains: Wheat, soybean, seaweed, bonito

Nutritional Value

Per Serving (45.4G):
Calories: 84kcal
Protein: 7.0g
Fat: 4.1g
Carbohydrates: 5.3g
Sugar: 2.9g
Dietary Fiber: 2.4g
Salt Equivalent: 0.5g

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