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Kameda 10 Assorted Senbei Rice Cracker

Kameda 10 Assorted Senbei Rice Cracker

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There are 10 kinds of carefully selected deliciousness such as squid tempura, snacks and seaweed rolls.

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Vegetable oil (manufactured in Japan, China), starch, non-glutinous rice flour, corn flour, glutinous rice flour, wheat flour, glutinous rice, sugar, non-glutinous rice, green soybeans, sardines, squid sheets (squid, fish paste, starch syrup, etc.) , shrimp, soybeans, peanuts, processed black soybeans, soy sauce, salt, cold plum powder, starch syrup, honey, squid, seaweed, sea lettuce, dextrin, mirin, seafood extract seasoning, chicken extract seasoning, high fructose liquid sugar, spices, sesame , vegetable protein, egg white powder, powdered soy sauce, protein hydrolyzate/processed starch, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), shell calcium, trehalose, coloring (paprika pigment, monascus, caramel), emulsifier, leavening agent, Flavoring, spice extract, acidulant,

Contains: Shrimp, wheat, egg, peanut, squid, sesame, mackerel, soybean, chicken, gelatin

Nutritional Value

Per (100g)
Calories: 502kcal
Protein: 9.2g
Fat: 23.6g
Carbohydrates: 64.4g
Salt: 1.55g

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