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Itoen Matcha Green Tea Traditional

Itoen Matcha Green Tea Traditional

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An Itoen exclusive blend of matcha, Japan’s celebrated green tea powder and sencha (green tea leaves), offers a rich aroma and vibrant taste of Japan’s finest green tea. Natural with no added color or flavorings, Matcha Green preserves the clarity of taste and color of nature’s finest green tea leaves. Each individually wrapped tea bag is designed to allow the tea leaves to expand for optimal enjoyment.

  • Perfect for hot or cold brewing
  • Finely ground from high grade green tea leaves

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Green Tea, Matcha

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Brewing Instruction Per Packet:
[Hot Brew]
1) Place the tea bag into your cup. Pour hot water 80°C (176°F) over the tea bag. Be sure the temperature is not boiling.
2) Steep for 30 seconds, lightly shaking the tea bag 3-4 times for desire strength.
3) Remove the tea bag and enjoy!

[Cold Brew]
1) Place the tea bag in a 6-8 oz glass of cold water and steep for 2-3 minutes.
2) Remove the tea bag and add ice if desired.

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