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Ichimasa White Narutomaki (135G)

Ichimasa White Narutomaki (135G)

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Fish cake with red spiral pattern inside. It is a popular topping for ramen

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Surimi paste (pollock, sugar), Water, Modified tapioca starch, Canola oil, Sugar, Sorbitol, Salt, Seasonings I (sodium acetate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium citrate, dextrin), Seasonings II (monosodium glutamate, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate), Soy protein, Calcium carbonate, Modified starch mix (modified wheat starch, dried egg-white), Colouring agents (erythrosine, granulated sugar).

Contains: Pollock, Soybean, Wheat, Egg.
May Contain: Other fish, Shrimp, Crab.

Nutritional Value

Per Serving (135g)
Calories: 140kcal
Fat: 3.0g
Saturated Fat: 0.3g
Trans Fat: 0.0g
Carbohydrates: 22.0g
Dietary Fiber: 0.0g
Sugar: 2.0g
Protein: 7.0g
Cholesterol: 15.0mg
Sodium: 760.0mg
Calcium: 175.0mg
Potassium: 20.0mg
Iron: 0.3mg

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