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Hakubaku Organic Udon (269G)

Hakubaku Organic Udon (269G)

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Japanese Udon noodles can be round, square or flat with a texture suitable for more hearty dishes. They are made from wheat flour, salt and water.

Although Udon noodles can be served cold, these thicker, soft, but slightly chewy, white noodles are usually served hot with various toppings, added to a hotpot dish and cooked with other ingredients, or sometimes included in a curry soup.


Organic Wheat Flour, Water.

Contains: Wheat

Nutritional Value

Per Serving (90g):
Calories: 310kcal
Fat: 1.0g
Saturated Fat: 0.0g
Trans Fat: 0.0g
Carbohydrates: 62.0g
Dietary Fiber: 4.0g
Sugar: 2.0g
Protein: 10.0g
Cholesterol: 0.0mg
Sodium: 0.0mg
Potassium: 150.0mg
Calcium: 20.0mg
Iron: 1.6mg

Country of Origin

More Info

Cooking Instruction:
[Boiling Method]
Cook organic udon in rapid boiling water for 10 minutes (salt or oil not needed).

[Stir-Fry Method]
Cook in rapid boiling water for 8 minutes.
Drain, then rinse well with cold water. Drain again.

Hint: To reheat, briefly submerge in hot water.

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