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Coca Cola Aquarius Daily Multivitamin Powder (48G)

Coca Cola Aquarius Daily Multivitamin Powder (48G)

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The sports drink Aquarius was launched in April 1983. Its name means the constellation Aquarius in English. In addition, the Latin word aqua means water or liquid, and the word aqua is perfect for the image of an isotonic drink that supplies water and electrolytes to the body.


    Saccharides (sugar (manufactured in Japan), glucose), sodium chloride/vitamin C, citric acid, sodium citrate, fragrance, potassium chloride, calcium lactate, niacin, sweetener (acesulfame K), marigold pigment, vitamin B6

    Nutritional Value

    Per Serving (51g)
    Calories: 180kcal
    Protein: 0.0g
    Fat: 0.0g
    Carbohydrates: 45.0g
    Salt: 1.47g
    Vitamin C: 2000.0mg
    Niacin: 16.0mg
    Vitamin B6: 4.0mg
    Citric Acid: 800mg

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