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Van Houten Cocoa Milk Cocoa

Van Houten Cocoa Milk Cocoa

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Milk cocoa with a good balance between the richness of cacao and the sweetness of milk. We are particular about the manufacturing method, and you can enjoy the aroma and taste of pure cocoa.


      Sugar (domestic production), cocoa powder (cocoa butter 22%-24%), milk-based foods, creaming powder (dextrin, vegetable oil), salt, caramelized sugar / pH adjuster, sodium casein, Stabilizer (CMC), emulsifier, fragrance, fine silicon oxide

      Contains: Milk ingredients

      Nutritional Value

      Per Serving (18g)
      Calories: 78kcal
      Protein: 0.9g
      Fat: 2.2g
      Carbohydrates: 14.1g
      Sugar: 13.0g
      Dietary Fiber: 1.1g
      Salt Equivalent: 0.2g

      Country of Origin

      More Info

      Brewing Instruction Per Serving (18g)
      [Hot Serving]
      Put 1 cup (1 bottle) in a cup, pour 140ml of hot water, and stir well.

      [Cold Serving]
      Put 1 cup (1 bottle) in a glass, pour a small amount of water (20 ml), knead well, add 120 ml of water, and stir.
      * If you like, you can float ice on it to enjoy it cold.
      * If you do not pour a small amount of water and knead well, it may become lumpy.
      *If you use milk instead of hot or cold water, you can enjoy a deeper richness.

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