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Suntory Boss Caffeine Caramel Cafe (245G)

Suntory Boss Caffeine Caramel Cafe (245G)

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Focusing on the ease of ingesting caffeine, we have reconsidered the selection of coffee beans, the roasting and extraction process, and the use of milk and sugar to create a “caffeine-centered design” that is easy to drink and has caffeine. Suntory have achieved a content that can be ingested (caffeine content: about 200mg). A caramel cafe with a pleasant roasted caramel feeling and caramel-like sweetness.


Sugar (produce in Japan), coffee, milk ingredients, palatinose/casein Na, emulsifier, fragrance, K chloride, Mg chloride

Contains: Milk

Nutritional Value

Per Serving (245g)
Calories: 91kcal
Protein: 0.0-1.4g
Fat: 2.0g
Carbohydrates: 18.0g
Salt Equivalent: 0.38g
Caffeine: About 200.0mg
Palatinose: 0.7-1.6g
Potassium: About 220.0mg
Phosphorus: About 20.0mg

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