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Koikeya Pride Potato Burnt Caramel (55G)

Koikeya Pride Potato Burnt Caramel (55G)

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The fragrant and moderate sweetness of burnt caramel complements it with the exquisite saltiness of rock salt. It is a special potato chip that brings a luxurious moment.


Potato (Japan: not genetically modified), vegetable oil, sugar, flavoring oil, salt (rock salt, sea salt), caramel powder, glucose, butter powder, oligosaccharide, cinnamon/coloring (cocoa), flavoring, sweetener (aspartame)・L-phenylalanine compound, sucralose).

Contains: Milk, wheat, soybean

Nutritional Value

Per Serving (55g)
Calories: 300kcal
Protein: 2.8g
Fat: 17.9g
Carbohydrates: 31.9g
Salt Equivalent: 0.5g

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