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Asahi Mintia +VOiCE Lemon Ginger (20G)

Asahi Mintia +VOiCE Lemon Ginger (20G)

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A tablet certified by voice actors who are professionals in voice and throat care*. The gentle cooling sensation and the taste of ginger will soothe your throat. A lemon-ginger flavored large tablet with a refreshing aftertaste accented by the acidity of lemon. Contains bellflower extract, vitamin C, and propolis that are popular with voice actors.
*Certified by Im Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Ginger powder), Bellflower extract powder, herb powder, propolis extract powder/sweetener (sorbitol, aspartame/L-phenylalanine compound, acesulfame K), VC, sucrose ester, fine silicon oxide, fragrance, safflower pigment

Nutritional Value

Per Product (20G)
Calories: 70kcal
Protein: 0.08g
Fat: 0.2g - 2.4g
Carbohydrates: 19g
Vitamin C: 450mg

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